Indian Celebrities Nude Photoshoots: These Indian celebrities did nude photoshoots and how. These photoshoots led some of them to controversy, however, people still enjoyed these photoshoots. Some of these images went viral on the internet. And, here, we have some Indian celebrities who said yes to nude photoshoots.

Indian Celebrities Nude Photoshoots: Celebs Who Said ‘Yes’ to The Photoshoot

Let’s checkout the list together:

1. Ranveer Singh 

Recently, in 2022, Ranveer Singh went all nude for a photo shoot for Paper Magazine. He might not be the OG if we talk about nude photographs, but his photographer, Ashish Shah, said in one of the interviews that Ranveer was not at all shy or uncomfortable while the shoot. 

Indian Celebrities Who said 'YES' to Nude Photoshoot

Ranveer was not shy or conscious. He performed very well. There was big and healthy mutual respect for each other.”

Indian Celebrities Who said 'YES' to Nude Photoshoots 

He added,

We can make an issue out of everything. Ranveer was very comfortable with his body. It was great that such a versatile actor like Ranveer was allowing me to shoot in tandem with my vision.”

However, an FIR was also filed against the actor for posting all his nude pictures on his Instagram account. 

2. Sapna Bhavani 

Sapna Bhavani, an Indian hairstylist went nude for an ad campaign for PETA back in 2013. She also went to her Instagram account to share Ranveer Singh’s nude picture and said that she beat him by almost 2 decades. She wrote in her caption,

When your brother from another mother bares it all and your google notifications go insane Ranveer Singh Bhavnani beat you by 2 decades .. maybe PETA India can use yours as well 2 Bhavnanis for the same cause Also crazy fact: Deepika and I are born on the same day.” 

Indian Celebrities Who said 'YES' to Nude Photoshoot | Sapna Bhavani

3. Kalki Koechlin

The actress managed to grab attention with her nude photoshoot back in 2017. Kalki showed her bare back and penned that she is ‘halfway between shadow and light.’

Indian Celebrities Who said 'YES' to Nude Photoshoot | Kalki Koechlin

4. Milind Soman 

In 2020, Milind Soman, on his 55th birthday shared his photo on social media, where he was seen running naked on the beach. His wife clicked his nude picture on the beach. Milind ended up with a case against him after this incident. 

Indian Celebrities Who said 'YES' to Nude Photoshoot | Milind Soman running on beach


Indian Celebrities Who said 'YES' to Nude Photoshoot | Milind Soman

5. Aamir Khan

Who can forget Aamir Khan’s almost nude picture on the poster of movie, PK? The picture created quite a stir among people. Quite an unforgettable one, isn’t it?

Indian Celebrities Who said 'YES' to Nude Photoshoot | Aamir Khan

6. Kashmera Shah 

In 2011, Kashmera decided to go nude for a photo shoot that apparently raised many eyebrows. The actress went nude for a calendar called, ‘Kashessentual’. 

Indian Celebrities Who said 'YES' to Nude Photoshoot | Kashmeera Shah

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