Painting nails is something that almost all of us love. With the innovation in the makeup industry, one trend you cannot miss out on is Nail Art. Earlier, only the actors or models were spotted wearing unique styles of nail art. But with the increasing reach of social media, ladies are learning the latest trends related to makeup and hairstyles. Today we’ll be copying nail art designs by Alia Bhatt to look as stylish as she looked.

Bollywood actresses have been seen showcasing the latest nail art trend at parties and events. You can also try cool nail art at salons or DIY it ♥ (cuz these Nail Art Trends by Alia Bhatt are totally In). ♥

Alia Bhatt Nail Arts to Copy NOW

Nail Art Trends by Alia Bhatt aka Aloo(That’s Gonna Add GLAM to Your LOOKS)!!

1. Bold Color Block

In the picture, Alia has painted her nails in magenta blocked with purple color on one hand, and on the other hand, her nails are painted in purple at the bottom and magenta on top of the nails. This is definitely a must-try look for the summers.

Alia Bhatt nail art -Bold Color Block

2. Gold and Black Stripes

Pairing with a classy black dress, gold and black stripes nail art adds oomph to the whole look. This nail art will give you a fierce look just like Alia Bhatt in the picture given below.

Alia Bhatt nail art - gold and black stripes

3. Light and Dark Color Block

If you don’t want to try both dark colors for your nails, you can try one dark and one light color for color block art. As shown in the picture, a light shade of orange complements the dark grey color.

Alia Bhatt nail art -Light and Dark Color Block

4. Olive Grey Nail Paint

If you are lazy about doing the two-color nail art, then you can try a light shade of Olive grey. Golden mid-finger rings will definitely enhance the look of your hands. This is the one color that complements every skin tone.

Alia Bhatt nail art -Olive Grey Nail Paint

5. Red Hot Nails

Red nails never go out of fashion. If you are wearing red lipstick with the outfit you must match it with red nail paint. As you can see in the picture, red nails give you a smacking hot look.

Alia Bhatt nail art -Red Hot Nails

6. Snow White Nails

White gives you a cool look and it is quite trendy. It looks beautiful on every skin tone. You can try this look on squared nails which will definitely give you a high-class look.

Alia Bhatt nail art -Snow White Nails

7. Cookie Crumble Nails

This is definitely the easiest way to do nail art. The cookie crumbles nail paint has crumbles of different colors which gives your nail an astonishing look. It generally looks good in lighter shades just like the one worn by Alia Bhatt in the picture.

Alia Bhatt nail art -Cookie Crumb Nails

8. Minimal Look

If you want to keep your look minimal yet elegant, then you can go for pastel colors. It goes with every outfit without getting unnoticed.

Alia Bhatt nail art -Minimal Look

9. Stiletto Nails

You can also try a simple French manicure look with your nails. You can go for different shapes of the nails like stiletto nails which you can check out in the below picture. This gives a simple yet classy look to your nails.

Alia Bhatt nail art -Stiletto Nails

So, these were some of the best Nail Art Trends by Alia Bhatt at various events. You can also try these looks at a nail salon, or you can DIY them. Go ahead, gorgeous, you gotta try it NOW!!

You gotta try these Nail Art designs by Alia Bhatt RN!


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