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Vijay Deverakonda aka Deverakonda Vijay Sai the Arjun Reddy dashing hunk has become a heartthrob sensation with his stylish and cool looks. He has aced every look whether it is off-screen or on-screen. He is the perfect example of tall, dark, and handsome. There are many dashing looks of Vijay that you must check out.

25 Vijay Deverakonda Stylish Looks to Get Inspired From!!

Look 1: Wavy Hair-Side Partition

Long wavy hair with a side partition is definitely one of the best looks of Vijay. His dark long beard with a thick mustache enhances his look. He has aced the beardo look very well.

Vijay Devarkonda Side partition wavy hair

Look 2: Formal Look

If you want to know how to ace the formal look, then you must definitely look out for Vijay’s formal look. Side parted long hair with a rough beard look completes the look. Adding accessories like rings on his little finger graces his overall look.

Vijay Devarkonda Formal Look

Look 3: Dear Comrade!

His other rough and tough look from the film ‘Dear Comrade’ is one you cannot miss out on. His long messy hair and untrimmed dark beard make him look more rough and tough. He completed the look with a solid shirt and front-opened buttons.

Vijay Devarkonda - Dear Comrade Look

Another look from Dear Comrade!!!

Vijay Devarkonda Look from Dear Comrade Movie

Look 4: Cool Headband Look

Vijay is one of the few celebrities who know how to bring variety to the same look. In this look, he completely changes the look by adding a headband. He looks cool in his white t-shirt and sporty jacket.

Vijay Devarkonda Look 4

Look 5: Blazer Winter Look

In this look, Vijay looks winter-ready. His long messy hair and thick long beard make him look extraordinary. He wore a high neck sweater with a check blazer which is one look you must try out.

Vijay Devarkonda - The Winter Look

Look 6: Cool Front Bangs

Vijay’s look for his clothing brand Rowdy Club gives a cool vibe. Long hair with front bangs and a light beard is quite a different look from the rest of all his looks, but he managed to ace the look.

Vijay Devarkonda Look 6

Look 7: Cute Date Look

You can try out this look if you are going to attend a wedding function or dinner date. A white shirt with a pink blazer makes you summer-ready. Vijay has donned light trimmed beard with side-parted hair. His front bangs and well-combed thick hair looks amazing on him.

Vijay Devarkonda Look 7

Look 8: The Ethnic Wear

Men generally get confused when it’s time to pick ethnic wear for a party or wedding. In that case, you can check out the ethnic looks of the heartthrob Vijay Deverakonda. His long kurta with loose pajamas is definitely a comfy look. His combed back with a cute little pony completes his look.

Vijay Devarkonda- Traditional Look

Look 9: The Rowdy ‘Arjun Reddy’ Look

The Arjun Reddy look became one of the most popular looks of Vijay across India. The same look Shahid KapoorΒ carried flawlessly in the remake of Arjun Reddy. His messy wavy hair with front bangs and dark untrimmed beard became very popular. Round frame shades also came in the trend after the film.

Vijay Devarkonda Arjun Reddy Look

Look 10: The Casual Funky Look

Vijay not only aces formal looks but also his casual look is one to try. In this look, he wore a cool t-shirt with a cotton blazer and his yellow cap gave him a happening col look. He accessorized the look with a yellow-colored watch.

Vijay Devarkonda Casual Look

Look 11: Casual Colorful Winter Look

If you are looking for a casual look for winter days, then you can try out Vijay’s this look. An off-white sweatshirt with black joggers and a pink winter cap looks quite amazing for the winter days.

Vijay Devarkonda Winter Look

Look 12: The Supercool Airport Look

Celebrities are captured by the paparazzi for their airport looks, and the fashion police are quite judgemental about their looks. But Vijay has never failed to impress the fashion police with his airport looks. His co-ord blue and white shorts with shirt matched with white and black shoes are one of the best airport looks.

Vijay Devarkonda Look 12

Look 13: The Geek Look

It is very difficult to ace the geek look, but not for the stylish star Vijay. His wavy long hair with light trimmed hair paired with cool glasses makes the geek look perfect.

Vijay Devarkonda - The Geeky Look

Look 14: Ethnic Yet Cool Look!

Another ethnic look of Vijay that is a must-try is a black kurta with a floral jacket. Side parted hair with a light trimmed bear completes this ethnic look.

Vijay Devarkonda Cool Ethnic

Look 15: Red Carpet Look

Here is one of the best red carpet looks by Vijay Deverakonda. Long hair and beard which must be for his one of films look quite happening. In this red carpet look, he wore a black long shirt with black trousers and a long white shrug.

Vijay Devarkonda Red Carpet Look

Look 16: The Dhoti Look

Not only western looks, but he is also capable enough to look handsome and happening in the dhoti look. This look from one of his family functions looks quite amazing.

Vijay Devarkonda Dhoti Look To Try now

Look 17: The Casual Formal Look

So, when you want to wear a suit that is formal yet casual, this look from Vijay Devarkonda can be copied unhesitantly!!!

Vijay Devarkonda Formal Casual Look

Look 18: Collar-Up Cool Look

This one should be copied when you are out with your friend on a day out and wish to play that cool street look flawlessly.

Vijay Devarkonda Cool Collar Up Look

Look 19: Summery Casual Look

Wanna look hot and cool at the same time? Go for a shorts and cool sweatshirt to complete that summery casual look this summer.

Vijay Devarkonda Shorts and Sweatshirt

Look 20: The Politician Look

Fan of what politicians wear? You can carry that black and white look like a pro, or shall we say, like Vijay Deverakonda.

Vijay Devarkonda The Politician Look

Look 21: Ethnic with Stylish Bun

Vijay is flaunting this ethnic look incredibly! That bun looks similar to that of Turkish actor, Can Yaman. However, that’s just a coincidence!

Vijay Devarkonda Ethnic Look with stylish bun

Look 22: The All-White Look

When in doubt, and want to look handsome as hell – just go for All-White Look like Vijay has done here. Isn’t he looking damn hot?

Vijay Devarkonda The All White Look

Look 23: The Unusual Colorful Suit Look

Mostly men don’t go for such colors, but Vijay has. And, we bet he is rocking this look as well. What do you say?

Vijay Devarkonda Colorful Suit


Vijay Devarkonda The Colorful Suit

Look 24: Uniquely Designed Suit Look

Why don’t you try something unique? Vijay dared to take the challenge of carrying this unusual suit, and he completely killed the complete look.

Vijay Devarkonda Unusual Suit Look

Look 25: Super Duper Casual Look

On that causal day, this casual look is just perfect. That loose lower, white shirt, and that shrug looks so casual and cool.

Vijay Devarkonda The Super casual Look

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