It may sound painful to get your gums pierced, but those who love piercing find it interesting and unique.

Gum Piercing Things we must know

Where the Piercing is Exactly Done?

There is possibly one part of your gums where you can get pierced. It is done in the frenulum, which is a small flap of tissue that helps in connecting the gums and lips. It is in the upper part of your lips.

Gum Piercing

Jewelry Used in Piercing


It is a small ring that is pierced through your frenulum. The ring is connected with a bead to keep the ring intact in place.

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Bead Ring

The bead ring is generally used when you are piercing for the first time. It is circular shape and is closed with beads on both sides.

Gum Piercing Things to know

Circular Barbell

This jewellery is horseshoe shaped with a bead on its both end.

Gum Piercing Thing

What Material is Used in Gum Piercing Jewellery:

Your piercer should be very careful before using the piercing instruments. It should not affect your gums and cause infection. Some of the material used in the jewelry of gum piercing includes:

  • Surgical Titanium
  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Niobium
  • Gold

How is the Piercing Done? 

The authorized piercer will first of all give you an antibacterial solution to clean your mouth. Then, your upper link is pulled up and a sterile needle, piercing is done. The piercer will then insert the jewellery into the frenulum.

Gum Piercing facts to know

Possible Risks Involved in Gum Piercing

If you are thinking of doing it, here are some possible risks involved in gum piercing. And, you must know about it too.

a) Damage in Gums

In case the piercing is not done properly, you have to face severe problems. Some of such problems include:

  • Gum Damage
  • Enamel Damage
  • Infection

This may vary from more minor damage to extensive damage. 

Healing of Piercing

Generally, the gum piercing may heal within 4 to 12 weeks, only if the person follows the aftercare tips properly. You have to take aftercare seriously if you want to ensure quick healing. 

Gum Piercing Facts

Basic Tips After to Follow after Gum Piercing

  • You must clean your mouth with sea salt or saline solution two times a day.
  • Every time you consume food, clean your mouth his water.
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day can help
  • Alcohol-free mouth fresh is preferred
  • Toothpaste with mild flavor is recommended

Gum Piercing Facts that helps you decide

These were some of the tips and tricks which you must follow after gum piercing. In case, you are thinking of getting it done, it is always recommended to learn the basics and know a thing or two about it. Or, consult a gum piercing artist, who can answer all your questions. 

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