Rohit Suresh Saraf’s 3 Tattoos & Meaning: Let’s Sink Into His Ink RN, but before that a li’l about the actor.

Rohit Suresh Saraf Tattoos and meaning-Steal Their Styles

Full Name Rohit Suresh Saraf
Occupation Actor
Born 8 December 1996 (age 25)

Kathmandu, Nepal

Rohit Saraf

Knowing More About Rohit Suresh Saraf!!

Rohit Saraf is a budding Indian actor who came into the limelight with the Hindi film ‘The Sky is Pink’ in which he played the role of Priyanka Chopra’s son. He then appeared in the Netflix web series ‘Mismatched’ through which he gained immense popularity. 

Rohit Suresh Saraf Tattoos and meaning - Steal Their Styles

  • In 2022, he is all set to make his appearance in the sequel of the romantic Hindi film ‘Ishq Vishq.’ Apart from his acting, he is also popular for his cool and comfortable look. 
  • He has also got three tattoos inked on his body. Let’s see what his tattoos are!
  • Born in a Hindu-Nepali family, Rohit is very close to his parents. His two tattoos are for his parents.

Rohit Suresh Saraf Tattoos with meaning

Rohit Suresh Saraf’s Three Tattoos & Meaning


Rohit Saraf's photo

1. ‘Suresh’ – First Tattoo on His Right Forearm

Meaning: The tattoo is of his father’s name “Suresh,” who passed away when Rohit was too young. He has inked the tattoo in the memory of his father.

Rohit Saraf's tattoo for his father

2. ‘Anita’ – Second Tattoo on His Left Forearm

Meaning: His second tattoo is of his mother’s name “Anita” with a pan. The tattoo defines his love for his mother and the food made by his mother.

Rohit Saraf and his mother


Rohit Saraf's tattoo for his mother

3. ‘Arrow’ – Third Tattoo on His Left Forearm

Meaning: His third tattoo is on his left bicep, which was an arrow earlier, however, he seems to have it covered up with a different tattoo. He has not talked much about his third tattoo, though. 

Rohit Saraf arrow tattoo


Rohit Saraf's tattoo on left bicep

We hope you got some inspiration from Rohit to do some on your body. You can always tattoo your parent’s name/anything else that you like.

Go ahead and try it now!! Rohit Suresh Saraf’s 3 Tattoos & Meaning might help you get a good one.

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